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Our Story

"A mother's fight to put only the best that nature had to offer sparked a passion to bring skin nourishing formulations into all homes..."


Rawganics was born out of a mother's quest and conviction for naturally derived products for her son's skin. A frail and prematurely born child paved the way for learning and discovery of botanical ingredients because a mother did not want to compromise his health by putting chemicals on her son's skin.


An 8 year journey of organic living, education and research culminated in the birth of the Urban Essential brand in 2019. In 2020, Urban Essential created its online brand store which grew exponentially and paved the way for the brand to carve a name for itself in the Malaysian organic skincare industry. In 2021, Urban Essential was rebranded as Rawganics.


Today, Rawganics is a Registered Malaysian beauty brand that handmakes, markets and retails its own brand. Rawganics is wholly owned by Urban Essential Living PLT.


Rawganics exists with a mission to bring premium quality vegan skincare to the masses, making good quality skincare affordable to the average consumer. We believe that plant based nutrition is what was meant to be put on the skin. We believe that we are being unison with nature when we embrace its gift to heal, maintain and nourish good skin.


Our promise is clear and simple with each jar that we produce:- 


We believe that simple plant fibres provide more gentle care for the skin. The answers for our skin's needs is best derived from natural plant based nutrition. We find a plant based source for each ingredient that we use in our production.  


Our products are made in a GMP certified facility, completely following safety, sanitisation and quality standards.


Products under the Rawganics brand name are consumer tested, lab tested and KKM notified. As such, our products are safe, vetted and edorsed by various authorities.


All the raw ingredients used in our production are eco-certified. This ensures that the quality of our source ingredients are supported by strong, well-managed standards of commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring high quality natural raw ingredients in every batch.


We are animal loving brand. As such, we do not use any animal byproducts in our production. We ensure that our raw ingredients are also produced by ethical manufacturers who echo the same values in the manner which they conduct their businesses.  


Each formulation has been developed by a certified skincare formulator or pharmacist. Our love for natural skincare is backed up by our expertise, knowledge and understanding of what we do based on science, research and affiliations that we have established over the years.


If a product isn't gentle enough for our hands, they do not get on your face. We continue to handmake our products in small batches to ensure that we continue to use the most gentle skin loving ingredients that are suitable for even sensitive skin.


We make every jar with a lot of love, hoping each jar will reach someone who needs the gentle care that every skin deserves. We believe that when we are kind to our skin in its daily care, the skin in turn radiates and exists in its best form even in its raw state. This is simply the belief which drives us to do what we do every single day. Hence our tagline - 

Be Raw. Be Beautiful. Be You.