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Product Highlight
The "Allure Of Roses" Collection
A skincare collection that sings romance between the skin and the senses.
For The Face
The classic rose used in more than one way to reveal clean and clear glowing skin.

A series of new performance ingredients are used to achieve that complexion you've dream about...
For The Body
Wholesome body care for the skin to glow day and appear brighter throughout the day...
Aromatherapy Candles by Reney Candle
100% Vegan Hand-Poured
Check out the candles section of this website to view non-toxic, vegan candles from Reney Candles, a subsidiary artisan candle brand wholly owned by Rawganics.
Soy Wax Candles
We only use soy wax in the making of our candles. No palm, paraffin or other elements are used in our hand-poured aromatherapy candles.
Plant Based Aromatherapy
Our candles use essential oils and not artificial fragrance.
It is therefore safe to be used anywhere and around children or pets.
Say it with roses All Year Long!

A bouquet of roses is versatile and never goes out of fashion. Gift one to a loved one today...

Customer Reviews
Jaya Kanny

I have used all the products for now 3 years but this essence is the best I have tried. Well done Uma & Rawganics team.   

5 July 2023
Francesca N

This serum worked a magic on my dark spots. A week of use nightly and my spots have really faded. Very absorbing and not heavy also. I will recommend this to my friends for sure.

14 June 2023
Brandon Xavier

I have been using this oil since christmas and my pimples issue is solved. Must try this cleansing product.

14 June 2023
Brandon Xavier

Light and not oily. My skin is much better after this oil.

14 June 2023
Veronica K

This shower oil is my daily routine now. This is better than L'Occatine that I've been using for years now. Creamy and lathers well. That Rose smell is divine. 

30 April 2023